Susan Island Challenge Water Ski Race- 2018


Date: Saturday 15th September. Race 1,Sub juniors. 2,70MPH.  3, Next Gen. 4, Novice. 5,Drivers race.

Sunday 16th September. Race 1,Juniors , Women’s and Masters. 2,60MPH. 3, unlimited Inboard-Outboard.

Where: Saturday Sunday race control Grafton rowing club NSW.

Start: Saturday scrutineering 9am.   10-30, briefing and Breathalyzer testing, 11:30 Boats in the water, First race is at 12PM.

Sunday Scrutineering by appointment only (Call Shane Arandale) 7:00, Drivers briefing and Breathalyzer. Boats in the water at 8:00 first race 8:30

Each lap of Susan island is 10 Km a 40KM race is four laps of the course.

Format                                                Saturday

Race 1: Sub Juniors (Under 14)                  20Kms   12:00PM                               $60.00

Race 2: Social 70                                         40Kms    1:00PM                                $60.00

Race 3: Next Generation                             1Km          2:00PM                   No Entry Fee

Race 4: Novice race SNR/JNR                    20Kms    2:30PM                               $40.00

Novice skiers have not raced in any class other than next gen before. Can be first race as an Adult.

Race 5: Drivers Race                                   20Kms    3:30PM                              $40.00

Drivers race skiers can’t ski in any other event over the weekend. Any team that does race will be disqualified.

Race draw at the crown hotel 6:00 Must be present to claim pole position draw for Sunday racing.


Race 1: Juniors, women’s & masters.       40Kms   8:30AM                                $60.00

Race 2:           Social 60                            40Kms   9:30AM                                $60.00

Juniors are under 17 years of age

Race 3: unlimited inboard & unlimited outboard 80Kms 11:00AM                        $90.00

Race safe levy per weekend                                                                                 $75.00

1:30, Presentation at the crown hotel.

Please note we have capped the entry cost, you are able to compete in all the events over the weekend for $200.00 (plus race safe levy totalling $275.00)

Social classes must not exceed 60/70 Mph (GPS will be using the race safe units) no restriction on boats.

(For more information please contact Shane Arendale on 0401278748)

Details may change on race weekend due to river conditions / RMS

All boat owners need to supply official’s proof of current boat registration. Qld boat license holders need to apply for a copy of their boat license to present to race officials if it is a part of their drivers licence.

Entry forms can be returned to:
Tweed River Water Ski Club PO BOX 6067 Tweed Heads South NSW 2486

Or submitted online Click Here!

All entries are to be received by Monday the 3rd of September 2017

Strictly no entries will be accepted after the cut-off date or on race day. Entries received without payment will not be included in the race draw and therefore will start at the rear of the field.

Any entries received that do not race will be fully refunded (Exc racesafe levy).